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Vins Descombe is a family owned company since four generations.

The company has been founded by François Descombe in 1905. With the emergence of motor vehicles steadily replacing horse drawn transports, he developed a wine transport activity.

After 35 years of intense relationships with the wine world and the vintners and under the initiative of Florent Descombe, Vins Descombe has started a new activity: the trading and packaging of french wines (216-litre-barrels, 110 litre-barrels to finish with 55-litre-barrels). The customers were bars, hotels and restaurants.

During the sixties and seventies the arrival of television has changed the habits: instead of going to the bar and discuss while having a glass of wine, people remained at home to watch TV.

François Descombe, aware of the changing of the behaviour, adapted himself and found new customers, a clientèle of private persons. He proposed them wines in packagings adapted to their needs: it is the birth of the 30-litre cubic plastic container.

By the time and on the demand of its customers (connoisseurs, clubs, groups of friends and organizations) Vins Descombe has developed a know-how to create french table wines (blending wines from the main french wine regions).

Under the leadership of Florent, representing the fourth generation of managing directors, this vast knowledge about wine, naturally led Vins Descombe to become a wine trader for french A.O.C.-wines from famous wine regions.

In order to satisfy the demand of his customers, in 2003 Florent Descombe diversifies his packagings: besides the bottle and the cubic plastic container he creates the 10-litre-Bag-in Box and later the 3-litre-Bag-in Box.

Vins Descombe is known everywhere in France..... so why not discover Vins Descombe on an international base.

It’s started with the opening of a shop in Belgium in 2004 and the development of sales in the far east.

During the last years Vins Descombe focused on the asian market: opening a French wine cellar in Shanghai in 2007 and intense business relations with Viêt Nam, India and the Philippines, as an importer and distributor of wine and spirits.

Thousands of wine lovers from France and elsewhere share with Vins Descombe the same passion for quality wines.

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